Fool’s Gold Sale – Dec. 2, 2019

We’ve got a fat batch of Fool’s Gold available right now…great deals on the Compass, Kodiak, Creep, and both Pool Party models…the Banana Hammock and Bi-Metal Banana Hammock.

All Pool Party models are discontinued, so this is your very last chance to scoop them up. The Kodiak is being redesigned as a monometal, so this is your last chance at the bi-metal version. The future of the Compass is uncertain, but this is a good chance to scoop like 6 of the same color on the cheap so your whole squad can be all matchy-matchy. There’s another batch of Creep coming, but we only have like a dozen FG of those. (Update: FG Creep all sold out while I was typing this, lol, sorry. New colors coming soon.)

Head over to our store and get you a deal. Thanks!

Fool’s Gold at

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