EYYC Day 1 & 2 Update

Day 1 and 2 have already come and gone for EYYC in Budapest, Hungary. Team CLYW has done crazy well so far. On Day 1 Palli ended up taking 1st in 1A Prelims with a super clean banger infused freestyle and Petr Kavka ended up getting 2nd in 5A Prelims with a really clean flowy freestyle. Since Petr is the current Czech 1A National Champ, he gets a free ticket straight to finals. Plus on Day 2, Palli ended up getting 4th in 3A Finals!

Nuu had a really nice elegant freestyle, amazing to see how far she’s come.

David just missed finals by one spot in 1A prelims, and I’ve yet to find his video down.

Here’s a list of videos I’ve tracked down so far. If you see any more pop up please leave the links in the comments.

Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t wait for Day 3! For more coverage of the event, check out YoYoNews.com.

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