Hailing from Poland, Ewelina Wejner is a female force to be noticed. Having now hit the stages with a bang, she’s proving that return tops are not only for men and teenage boys.

Ewelina, or Nuu as most people call her, is a fast progressing player who goes far above and beyond to support and encourage the community around her. Embracing the positive attributes and values brought about by such a simple toy, she leads a return top workshop for the kids at her school. And when Nuu isn’t busy busting out new tricks or teaching a primary school class, she can be seen riding her motorcycle, travelling, or making some magnificent art.

We look forward to any chance we can get to hang out with Nuu, and It’s a complete pleasure to have her be a part of the Lodge.

Nickname: Nuu Gatowsky
Birthday: November 20, 1985
Currently living: Szczecinek, Poland
Team Member since: October 2012
Discipline: 1A
Handed: Right
Fav return tops: Blizzard, Borealis, Bonfire
Occupation: Full-time mom
Favorite Food: I love FOOD!
Interesting Fact: People think my real name is Nuu Gatowsky  And I still like it and use it!


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