Ernest Kahn’s MisChief

Ernest submitted an idea for his signature Chief to me. I was instantly sold. The colourway, name, and idea for the artwork were perfect! We approached Jason Week and this is what he came up with.

Here is a write up Ernest prepared on his signature Chief:

“The Idea of “MisChief” hit me while I was at work thinking of names as I wanted something playful for the video. The colors Red, Blue and Yellow are the 3 primary colors of the Color Wheel and could pretty much come up with any color through them. So the Crayon had to be there to symbolize “Color” and “Child’s play”. The Fallen Ice Cream on the other hand had something to do with the fact that sometimes you got to go out and make mistakes to actually learn something. That’s how a lot of tricks come about through actually trying and making mistakes…So go out there and create your own MisChief.”

-Ernest Kahn

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