Ernest Kahn is a two time Philippine National Champion and a long time CLYW ambassador. He’s got a smooth style that has a muscle of it’s own and possibly the best posture in the game. Let’s get one more thing clear too, Ernest Kahn knows what a great Banger looks like.

He is such a devoted player and one of the most genuine and passionate people I’ve ever had the privilege of getting to know. You can’t help but have a positive outlook on life when Ernest is around. He’s got this unique ability to cultivate fun and excitement and then share it with the world.

When not throwing a return top or busy teaching a skateboard who the rider is, Ernest is developing his skills as an industrial designer and applying himself to his community that is San Francisco. Recently moving to America from the Philippines, we are so grateful that he is closer to us so that we can see more of him! It is a blessing to have Ernest on the team.

Birthday: July 27, 1987
Country: USA
On CLYW Since: December 2011
Discipline: 1A
Handed: Right
Favorite Throws: Chief and the Yeti
Favorite Setup: 100% Yellow Polyester, Center Trac or flat bearings with white Snow Tires
Occupation: Performer and owner of Yoyo San Francisco
Favorite food: Dragon Rolls and Teriyaki chicken..anything Japanese!
Interesting fact: You can pack everything I own into two suitcases
Other Interests: Art, coffee and travel
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