Czech Nationals 09

CYYN 2009 – International 1A – 1st – Jensen Kimmitt from CzechYoyo on Vimeo.


Congratulations Jensen on placing 1st in the 1A open at Czech Nats!!  Amazing freestyle!!  Sooo much swagggger.  You definitely looked like you were having fun.


Team CLYW had great results at this contest, with Krisztian taking 2nd and Hadrien taking 4th.  Congrats guys!!  Nicely done!!  Can’t wait to hear more about the contest.


Here is Krisztian’s 2nd place finish WOW!!!


CYYN 2009 – International 1A – 2nd – Krizstian Kaluzsa from CzechYoyo on Vimeo.


Here is Hadrien’s 4th place finish, great work!!!


CYYN 2009 – International 1A – 4th – Hadrien Bennaceur from CzechYoyo on Vimeo.


Krisztian’s 1st Place prelim:




Jensen’s 2nd Place Prelim:


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