Custom BTNC Wooly Marmots



It’s pretty exciting to be able to have the opportunity to colaborate on a project with a non yoyo store.  Mitch at BTNC is realy digging the yoyo scene right now and is doing what he can to help it grow. 


Something interesting to note is that Mitch was actually an old Team Losi member with Steve Brown in the late 90s.  Back in the day Mitch and his friend gave Steve a wallet they made that had a dice attached to it.  This dice was actually the first thing that was used when Steve Brown invented 5A style of play.  Neat huh?


Here are a couple photos of Mitch that were taken by his wife Anna.





The Special Edition Wooly Marmot we did for BTNC was actually designed by Mitch.  He asked me one day out of the blue, “is it possible to do a black with black splash?”  It was great timing, because the week before that our anodizer sent me a sample of a single tone blue with blue splash.  So I told Mitch, “Most definitely lets do it!!!!”


Here’s some shots of the Wooly Marmot that Mitch sent me:




Word on the street is that there are still a couple BTNC Wooly Marmots available.  So if you’d like to pick one up give Mitch a call at 714.441.3434 and he’ll ship it out to you … or you can check out their online shop as well. Right now they are going for $150 and Mitch is offering free shipping to anywhere in the world!!


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