CLYW’s Plan for 2011

To me yoyoing has always been about fun. Learning a new trick and then mastering it. It’s about setting your own personal goals. Sharing tricks with your friends and making new friends along the way. It’s that feeling you get after learning how to do Sea Sick for the first time. Spending 2 years trying to do boing-e-boing, never giving up and then finally nailing it! Maybe even making up your very first trick that no one else has ever done. Doing a freestyle at your little brother’s birthday party …

As a return-top manufacturer we need to set an example. An example that is not built on consumerism or what society tells us is supposed to be cool.

Be yourself. Set your own bar. It’s what makes you YOU and you are what defines yoyoing.

CLYW’s plan for 2011 is to try to set a better example for what yoyoing is: FUN!

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