CLYW Team – What Do They Use?


We get a lot of questions about what kind of string and bearings our team uses, so we used the magic of the internet to get in touch with all of them and find out for you!

(Please note that names are sometimes repeated…that means they they alternate between more than one type of bearing/string.)

*UPDATED NOV. 10, 2015*


CTX – Chris Mikulin, Aaron Davis, Harrison Lee, Steve Brown, Adam Brewster, Andrew Maider, Ayumu Harada, Chris Rodrigues, Dennis Cinquegrani

CT – Nuu Gatowsky, Riccardo Fraolini, Adam Brewster, John W. Robot, Ernest Kahn, David Kreibich, Michael Kurti, Mark Mangarin

Gold CT – Steve Brown, Petr Kavka, Palli

KonKave – Alec Campbell, John W. Robot, Zach Gormley, Nuu Gatowsky, Chris Rodrigues

Flat – Abe Da Gravedigga, Pekka, Zach Gormley

YYR DoubleStraight – Petr Kavka, Palli


Kitty String Normal – Alec Campbell, Harrison Lee, Riccardo Fraolini, Adam Brewster, Andrew Maider, John W. Robot, Steve Brown, Michael Kurti

Kitty String 1.5 – Petr Kavka, Nuu Gatowsky

Kitty String Fat – Aaron Davis, Steve Brown, Abe Da Gravedigga, Nuu Gatowsky, Riccardo Fraolini, Pekka, Zach Gormley, Palli, David Kreibich, Elliot Jackson, Ayumu Harada, Petr Kavka, Michael Kurti, Dennis Cinquegrani, Chris Rodrigues, Mark Mangarin

CLYW Slackline – Steve Brown, Adam Brewster

Candy Wires – Ernest Kahn

YoYoExpert Contest String Poly – Ernest Kahn


Generic Mexican Highlights – Chris Mikulin

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