CLYW Partners with Yo-Yo Company Inc. in Japan

YoYo Company Inc

We’re excited to announce a new distribution partnership with Yo-Yo Company Inc. in Japan!

We have always loved our trips to contests in Asia, from Asia Pacific to 44Clash. We always meet so many incredible players, and always wish we could do more for our fans in that part of the world. So we’re thrilled to announce that beginning now, CLYW is officially being distributed in Asia by Yo-Yo Company Inc. Based in Japan, Yo-Yo Company Inc. already works with friends and partners of CLYW like C3YoYoDesign and YoYoFactory. By working with them, we can help bring our products to more retailers in Asia with much better shipping costs and more local promotional support than ever before.

From the very beginning of CLYW, we wanted to make something special and get it in the hands of people who love it as much as we do. By working with Yo-Yo Company Inc. we’re thrilled at the idea of continuing that mission in a bigger way than we ever dreamed.

For more information about Yo-Yo Company Inc., please visit their website here:

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