CLYW Launches Pool Party & Heaven Sent

CLYW is pleased to announce a couple of new projects that we think you’re gonna love! We have officially launched two new “sub-brands”, called Pool Party and Heaven Sent.

What’s a sub-brand? Well, think of it like this: with cars, one company owns and manufactures BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce. That’s a pretty wide stretch of product lines, all very different from each other. CLYW owner Chris Mikulin and team member Alec Campbell both had some really interesting, creative ideas about things they would like to try, but as we all talked about it we realized that they weren’t actually a good fit for the CLYW brand. So we decided to create new outlets for each of them to try new ideas and create a totally new look and feel for their releases.

Pool Party was created and is managed entirely by CLYW owner Chris Mikulin, and it got the first release with a return top called the Banana Hammock. Featuring artwork by Paul Escolar and Hamburger Hands, Pool Party is a silly new brand with a focus on fun.

Pool Party YoYos

CLYW photographer and videographer Alec Campbell’s new brand is called Heaven Sent, and takes inspiration from 1990s emo music and album art, and from the streetwear scene. The first release from Heaven Sent, the Creep, will be available soon.

Heaven Sent

CLYW has always been about pushing creativity and art into the return top industry, and we’re excited to continue pushing boundaries with these two new brands. Everything will continue to be produced with the same quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from CLYW, and CLYW itself has a lot of great new models coming soon as well.

Thanks for your support!

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