Introducing: The CLYW Kodiak

CLYW Kodiak - Tessa Piccillo

The Kodiak is our newest bi-metal return top and our first signature model for 2014 Women’s Division World Champion, Tessa Piccillo!

This return top was designed exactly to Tessa’s specifications, and includes updated design elements from the Arctic Circle series and Manatee with bi-metal construction and weight distribution. The Kodiak is remarkably fast, stable, and long-spinning, and feels both familiar and new at the same time. The weight distribution gives it a powerful spin while still feeling floaty and almost weightless on the string.

Working with Tessa, we went through several prototypes to dial in the Kodiak design to be exactly what Tessa needs for her dense, high-speed style of play and we’re all really excited about the results. We’ve got a new video coming soon from Tessa to celebrate this release, and you’re gonna lose it when you see her new tricks!

Available in North America at CLYW retailers at 10 pm EST / 7 pm PST on December 15th, 2016, and worldwide at December 16th at 2 am GMT.

CLYW Kodiak Specs:

Diameter – 56.4 mm
Width – 42.5 mm
Weight – 65.6 grams
Response – Snow Tires
Bearing – Pixel Bearing
Box Art – Mike Lundy

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