CLYW Halloween Art Contest

OKAY EVERYONE … here is your chance to win this Palli Puffin!

Below are a few images created by Jason Week of CLYW’s best. BUT there is one problem … they aren’t SPOOKY enough!! We need your help! Take these images, colour over them, photoshop over them, paint over them … or don’t use them and draw your own CLYW character, sculpt them, paper mache them … anything goes!! Just share with us how you think Yeti, Puffin and/or Gnarwhal should be dressed for Halloween!! You can also just pick one character, no need to do them all. Also, there is no limit to the amount of entries.

Our favourite one will win the Puffin. We will also give out a few extra prizes as well!!

Share your image on YoYoExpert’s forum in this thread:,50286.0.html

Deadline is October 31st, 2012 at 7pm EST.

Just right click the image and hit [save as]


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