CLYW CTX Bearings

Howdy folks, I just wanted to address something about our bearings and apologize to all of you. With the latest switch back to wholesale again, we neglected to inform our stores that the CTX bearings that we spec in our throws start out a little bit responsive. We originally had this listed in the product description for all of our return tops when we were selling direct, but with the change over we forgot to include this information to our retailers. 

We made the switch to CTX bearings in June of last year. We fell in love with them at BAC. They have that sweet CT profile that we love, they’re 10 ball which gives them a neat feel, they’re quiet so your friends/parents/partner won’t hate you, they break in super well and they last forever. Previously we started running into problems with our original CT bearings, which seemed to be a little bit too dry and when people neglecting lubing them they would die quickly. So we tried to fix this by switching to a new bearing that we loved, the CTX from CBC (Central Bearing Company). Everyone on our team loved the new CTX bearing, they just started out a little responsive and took an hour or so to break in most of the time.

I understand that the industry has changed quite a bit, especially since I first got into yoyoing. I felt like we’ve adapted quite well over the years and even set a few trends in modern return top design along the way. We understand that most of you prefer completely dead throws, who doesn’t. It makes it easier right? You can hit all your tricks. No snags. TOTAL ROCKSTAR STATUS.

We just feel that it doesn’t make for smooth tricks, it’s created a generation of throwers who look like they are afraid of their yoyo. I gotta confess I’m in that category, so I can smell my own. So we felt that by switching to a new bearing that had one small draw back (the break in period), wasn’t going to be a big deal. Sure seemed to be a big deal though. We also wanted to recommend that there is an alternative approach to style and play. Many players on our team have improved their yoyoing by playing responsive for a short time. It changed their style, it helps create smoother transitions from trick to trick, and even helped build new concepts.

With the push back though that we’ve had online, I just feel like it might be time to find a new alternative. We still have a few CTX bearings left, so for the time being we’re going to continue shipping our throws with CTX bearings installed until we run out.

Once we figure out a new option and do some testing we’ll let everyone know what we decide. Maybe we’ll just stick with them, I don’t know at this point. We’re also going to start sending better release info to stores, with specs and a brief description.

If you’re really not happy with your CTX bearing, and:

  • you haven’t cleaned it yet,
  • it’s still within 3 weeks from the day you received it,
  • and you still have proof of purchase¬†

please feel free to contact the store that you purchased your CLYW from to see if they can help you out with a replacement bearing. If that doesn’t work then contact us next through our online form. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much for your continued support!


PS: I apologize for the long novel, sorry!

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