CLYW at BAC 2014

The Bay Area Classic is one of the biggest and best contests in the United States, and also one of the absolute hardest to win. Even when it was held under a carport at Talbot’s Toyland in San Mateo, it was still ultra-competitive! We’re really excited to be sending some of our team to this year’s BAC. Let’s take a look at our contenders, shall we?

Harrison Lee is the 2014 Canadian National Champion, and an incredibly solid 1A player at the World level. He’s also one of the most relentlessly upbeat and positive players we’ve ever met, and everyone absolutely loves having Harrison around. He’s going to make BAC amazing for everyone he hangs out with!

Charles Haycock is one of the most innovative and unique 1A players in the world right now, and we’d be saying that even if he wasn’t part of the CLYW Team. With a completely unique approach to creating and executing his tricks, Charles has quickly become not only a fan favorite but a player’s favorite as well…if you ask the top yoyo players in the world who has the sickest 1A around, you’ll get a list that includes Charles. 

Aaron Davis is one of the newest members of the CLYW Team, and his 1A is already some of the freshest and most inspired trick construction we’ve seen. Aaron has proven to be a natural and immediate fit for the CLYW Team not just with his play, but with his laid back style and easy-going attitude. His tutorial videos have shown him deftly blasting out some of the coolest tricks on the scene, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Bay Area Classic stage.  

Ernest Kahn is one of the most balls-out happy players you’ll ever see on stage, and we absolutely love him for it! But don’t like the smiles and goofy videos fool you…his tricks are unique and on-point and every time he gets on stage, he goes for broke. A fixture at West Coast contests since he moved here from the Philippines, Ernest always brings some extra bang to the stage and we’re excited to see him stomp out some great tricks on his home turf.   

Elliot Jackson has been laying low for a while, but he’s ramping back up towards appearing at and competing in more contests for 2014. His fluid, clean style is inspired by his graphic design, and you can see his love of form and composition extended from his art to his tricks. Flying in all the way from New York City, we love Elliot and we’re excited to see him recharged and hitting the stage again!

What can we possibly say about 2010 World Champion Jensen Kimmitt that won’t sound like another chapter of the ongoing urban legend that surrounds him?

In addition to bringing his world-class play, Jensen is contributing to “Common Ground – The Art of YoYo & Kendama”, a special art exhibit opening at the Friday night pre-BAC party! Check YoYoNews for full details and artist list.


See you at the 2014 Bay Area Classic!



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