CLYW at 2017 Bay Area Classic

The CLYW team had a great showing at the 2017 Bay Area Classic, one of our favorite yoyo contests of the year. Good weather and good friends always make for a good time, and this year was no different. Check out freestyles from the whole team below, and extra congrats to Ayumu Harada for flying all the way in from Japan to take the 4A Division!

Ayumu Harada – 4A – 1st Place

Michael Ferdico – 1A – 2nd Place

Mark Mangarin – 5A – 3rd Place

Ayumu Harada – 1A – 7th Place

Anthony Rojas – 1A – 8th Place

Zach Gormley – 1A – 10th Place

Andrew Maider – 1A – 13th Place

Harrison Lee – 1A – 18th Place

Mark Mangarin – 1A – 19th Place

Mark Mangarin – 1A Prelim – 6th Place

Tessa Piccillo – 1A Prelim – 17th Place

Steve Brown – Hella Old


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