CLYW @ 2016 World YoYo Contest


This year was CLYW’s biggest World YoYo Contest yet! We launched the Compass, launched our titanium collaboration with Luftverk, released another big batch of the new Yeti, launched our BASECAMP collaboration with our friends at YoYoFactory, had two road trips to the contest simultaneously, and had a ton of our team on stage!

We’ve gathered up all the freestyles from our team into one handy post so you can relive the awesomosity of the Lodge swarming Cleveland. Thanks so much for all the love and support…our fans are the best!


Zach Gormley – 1A – 3rd Place

Ayumu Harada – 1A – 9th Place

Harrison Lee – 1A – 20th Place

Petr Kavka – 5A – 8th Place

Tessa Piccillo – Women’s Division – 2nd Place

Ewelina Wejner – Women’s Division – 5th Place

Steve Brown – Over-40 Division – 2nd Place


1A Semi-Final – Harrison Lee

1A Semi-Final – Ayumu Harada

1A Semi-Final – Mark Mangarin

1A Semi-Final – Andrew Maider

1A Semi-Final – Yuuki Spencer

1A Semi-Final – Pall Gudmundsson

5A Semi-Final – Petr Kavka


1A Prelim – Tessa Piccillo

1A Prelim – Petr Kavka

1A Prelim – Riccardo Fraolini

1A Prelim – Michael Kurti

1A Prelim – Harrison Lee

1A Prelim – Pall Gudmundsson

1A Prelim – Yuuki Spencer

1A Prelim – Andrew Maider

1A Prelim – Mark Mangarin

1A Prelim – Ayumu Harada


Tessa Piccillo

Pall Gudmundsson

Ayumu Harada

Mark Mangarin

Yuuki Spencer

Chris Rodrigues

Dennis Cinquegrani

Ernest Kahn

Grayson Johnson

Isaac Nozick


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