CLYW @ 2016 US Nationals

2016 US National YoYo Contest

We’re all finally home from the 2016 US National YoYo Contest, and through the fog of jet lag we bring you a look at our trip to one of the top contests in the United States.

Our team got some great time on stage this year! Zach, Maider, Kurti, and Rojas all made it through to 1A Finals, and Mangarin and Rojas made it through to 5A Finals! Zach and Kurti both made Top 5 in the 1A division, and Rojas made Top Three in 5A. There was a tremendous amount of talent in this years competition, and we’re super proud of all of our team.

Check out everyone’s Finals freestyles below, and let us know which one was your favorite. And a big shout-out to our friend Michael Ferdico for placing 8th in 1A Finals with a Manatee! Thanks for the support, Michael! Check out his finals routine here: Michael Ferdico – 1A Division – 8th Place

Zach Gormley – 1A Division – 2nd Place (Blizzard)

Michael Kurti – 1A Division – 5th Place (Igloo)

Andrew Maider – 1A Division – 7th Place (Blizzard)

Anthony Rojas – 1A Division – 17th Place (Borealis)

Anthony Rojas – 5A Division – 3rd Place

Mark Mangarin – 5A Division – 5th Place

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