Chicago! You’re our kind of Town!

Chicago is always a great time. Last time we visited, Abe and I ended up at Lupe Fiasco’s VIP album release party, but that’s a story for another day.

Instead, we ended up at this huge, metal bean. It’s pretty neat, and great for giving yourself a High 5. Simpson Wong would LOVE this place!

One of the down falls of traveling the country and doing rad stuff is the paparazzi is everywhere. Some times we like to take a moment and give them some juicy gossip. Here you see Abe telling the media of an amazing dream I woke him up from, eat your hearts out TMZ.

As we explored Chicago, we came across this place. Weirdly amazing.

We also got to catch up with one of our favorite Chicago residence, Harper. When he’s not instigating a good time, he can be found hanging around venture capital firms or finding amazing new hair and mustache products.

This would be a good time to explain something you’ll see in the next video. Lucky Number Bar. If you’re a fan of Iggy Pop like Team Chubby Lovin’ is you might be familiar with an odd little album he did in West Germany called “Party”. The first track, named “Sincerity”, is about what Iggy likes to do in Chicago. Basically he likes to go out with the guys to Lucky Number Bar and get a beer. So, when we stumbled on Lucky Number Bar, we were pretty excited!

So, in conclusion, this animated gif pretty much sums up our feelings about Chicago…

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