Charles Haycock Edition Avalanche

It’s been a long time coming for us to do a special edition return-top for Chuck. He’s amazing and a big part of CLYW, he also makes some of the best clip videos around. When asked: “what is your favourite CLYW so far”, it was a no brainer for him … “the Avalanche”. Next question was: “Well what do you want to call your special edition?” Some of you may already know this, but before Charles Haycock moved to Canada, he grew up in South Africa. “I would like it be called the ‘Bushmen’ edition, The bushmen people are south africa’s native ancestors “

… and we go on with more from Chuck …

“Here are some pages to scroll for pictures: link1 link2 link3

For colours a sandy red, soft tan, or light blue could be fitting considering the bushmen’s surroundings. Whatever it is I know you’ll make it look good though. I am seriously stunned by the new colorways caribou has been delivering, it’s amazing. I am especially in love with the look of the polka dot gnarwals.

Perhaps a theme could me mixed with the bushmen and the avalanche in a clash of colours or artwork, although I’m not sure if it would mix well.”

Well Chuck I hope we did you proud. Check it out!

Artwork by: Jensen Kimmitt
(the person who was responsible for getting Chuck on Team CLYW)

If this is what happens when we ask our team members to pick their colour ways, then I think we’re going to get Chuck and Zach to pick them all for now on!

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