Bear Trap ft. Alann & Brendan

Team member Alann Herrera and CLYW pal Brendan “Heshgod” McGinnis found themselves and empty warehouse and did what they do best…awkwardly boosted themselves up into an open window with minimal injury and then filmed an amazing video with the CLYW Bear Trap.  

Harrison Lee – Molasses

If you were wondering why Harrison has been so quiet for the past year, we have your answer: he was busy getting even better! Check out this amazing video chock full of new tricks, and filmed by our friend Jeffrey Pang. Return top used is the Pickaxe.

2018 Czech Nationals

The 2018 Czech Nationals was the 15th year of this amazing contest! The Czech Republic has one of the oldest and most accomplished yoyo scenes in Europe, and this year’s event featured plenty of talent including a guest appearance from US player Remy Baskin! CLYW’s Czech players were at the event, with veteran Petr Kavka …

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Andrew Maider – SCALES Interview

In this episode of the Scales Podcast, Becko asks Maider a few life questions that happen to relate to yo-yo. Step into the mind of a guy with not much free time and a lot of responsibilities and find out what he does to stay on the top tier of the competitive scene.

Dusk by Alann Herrera

Team member Alann Herrera created this absolutely stunning new video to showcase the Metal Yeti and we’re blown away! Alann’s video work gets more incredible with each new video, and we’re going to be watching this one all weekend long.

Metal Yeti Sneak Peek

Our friends at SLUSNY posted a great recap video of the 2018 World YoYo Contest in Shanghai, and gave everyone a sneak peek of the upcoming Metal Yeti! We’re super excited about this release and we’ll have more details coming soon….

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