Caribou Lodge – April Playlist

Here’s my Caribou Lodge work playlist for this month. Will probably add to it a bit as the month goes on.
The songs on this list tend towards low-key, thoughtful, and optimistic. My mind, at all times, is an intense and swirling mess but right now instead of finding music to match that I’m gonna see if I can reshape my internal narrative a little because right now I have so. damn. much. on my place and I really need to find a more peaceful work rhythm.

There is so much product development happening for Caribou right now that it’s pretty nuts. I’m organizing the World YoYo Contest this year and that is definitely occupying more of my capabilities than I would like. And my other business is doing really well and it would be great to give that a little more of my attention. So I’m trying to find myself a little calm to make sure I hold it all together and this playlist is a step towards that.

I also got a new bike (2023 Salsa Beargrease C Deore 11) so hopefully putting in some miles on that every day will help loosen up this tangled rat king of anxiety that lives in my head.

Enjoy the playlist! Check back on it in a couple weeks and see what changed.

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