Cal States was such a blast!! It was so amazing to be able to spend so much time with the team and my friends that I only get to see a few times a year. It was also so great to make new friends and meet so many new people who are stoked on CLYW. I had no idea how many people there are out there that we have turned onto throwing. Incredible!!!

Cal States also marked what I believe was the first contest that had kendama players & yoyoers crossing over. Jake Wiens and his crew were in attendance and it was so rad to see everyone stoked on each other’s skill toys.

I am so impressed with how well team CLYW did at Cal States. Not only did Zach, Charles, Jensen and Ernest place well, but they also left everyone with a solid impression on what innovation and having fun on stage looks like.

Even though he smashed up his hands in a swimming pool incident a couple days before the contest, Zach still managed to pull off an amazing freestyle and a 2nd place finish.

Charles Haycock proves that you don’t have to go incredibly fast to place, it is in the quality of your tricks that make you shine.

After taking a year off from yoyoing Jensen Kimmitt proves that he is still relevant on stage … and a great comedian.

We’re still waiting on Ernest’s freestyle. Hoping that pops up soon! It was solid!

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