Bye Bye Krisztian Kaluzsa

Yes it is unfortunately true. Krisztian Kaluzsa has just resigned from CLYW. He has a lot going on right now with his store and other ventures he wants to pursue. It’s a good move for him. I would hate to be holding him back. The last few years have been great for Krisz. I can’t believe all that he’s accomplished. It’s AMAZING! A sig throw, UK National Champ title, an online store, invitations to contests all over the world, etc. Few players have achieved what Krisz has in such little time. It’s proof that if you have the drive you can do anything. I’m just so glad that we were able to support him through it all.

Thank you Krisz for everything you’ve done for us! We wish you all the best moving forward. You’ve taught me so much. Keep in touch!

Krisz was kind enough to make this farewell video with the Chief for everyone:

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