Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY

So, I’m sure you’ve had these tasty bites of chicken before. But have you had them in the city that created them? WE HAVE!

Usually, when you’re in the hometown of a famous dish, you go for the original. The place that started it all. But we wanted GOOD wings, so we went to Duff’s. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal in Buffalo, and earlier this year when President Obama went to Buffalo, guess where he went?

So if it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for us. We were joined by our friends, and Buffalo locals, Mark and Nicki. Keeping in mind that “Medium is HOT”, I went with the Mild. Abe and Mark, on the other hand, tackled the Medium and Medium Hot.

When the fries come in a big wooden bowl for everyone to dig into with greasy, spicy hands, you know you’re in the right place. In no time our wings were out of the kitchen and on our table. In no time we’d ripped the meat and breading from 20 wings, annihilated the bowl of fries and drained the pitcher of beer.

Duff’s gets the Team Chubby Lovin’ Seal of Approval for sure! Next time you’re in Buffalo make sure to stop by. And don’t forget to have a Maple Doughnut for Tim Horton’s for dessert.

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