Bonfires and Camp Caps

Today was a big day!  We got in our first run of the Bonfire from our anodizer … and WOW did they do a great job!  They absolutely nailed our colourways. We did a lot of your favourites and I can’t wait to show the full run.  Here’s a sneak peek of two of ours.

We also just got in our Winter 5 Panel Camp Caps as well! We are releasing two new styles: Wool and Expedition. The Wool Camp Cap is perfect for those cold winter days. The Expedition 5 Panel is actually made from the same nylon material that the famous Canada Goose Parkas are made from. How we got it? I still have no idea. Both feature our embroidered Pickaxe logo in white thread, black eyelets and a nylon back strap with plastic clip. They both have super comfy sweat bands too. Plus … our hats are made right here in Canada!

This weekend we’re going to have a booth at the Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair in Edmonton, so all of you local throwers will be getting first dibs at them. After that we’ll put them up on our store next week. Chuck was dancing when they showed up, he was so excited!

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