Bonfire – 3rd Run Official Release Date!

Are you as excited about this new run of Bonfires as we are!?

The third production run of the CLYW Bonfire will be released worldwide on Friday, May 30th at 10 pm EST / 7 pm PDT (Which is Saturday, May 31st at 2 am GMT). Made in the USA, machined by One Drop. 


The CLYW Bonfire is the newest version of an older design…an upsized and refined version of their super limited Campfire pocket yoyo. Bigger isn’t just better…in this case, it’s amazing!

The Bonfire is a wide v-shaped yoyo with a zero response wall, streamlined for maximum spin times in regular and horizontal play. With a perfectly balanced distribution of weight, the spin time is optimized for top-level competition play while still feeling incredibly light and fast on the string. 

The Bonfire has quickly become a favorite of CLYW’s team, and with this level of play it’s easy to see why. The Bonfire isn’t just a bigger Campfire…it’s a brand new beast that can handle every level of modern play. 





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