EYYC 2011 – 1A Finals – Pictures

We got some really great photos thanks to Seth Peterson of Palli and Krisztian. Hoping to get some photos of Zdenek soon. If you haven’t heard yet, he ended up getting 3rd in 4A. Pretty stellar huh? So proud of these guys!

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Palli EYYC 2011 – 1A Finals

Check out Palli’s amazing freestyle! I still can’t believe the multiple suicide catch. Soooooo fast and smooth. NUTS! Plus that that trick was soooooo neat! Too bad about the glasses. You’re amazing Palli! Congrats!

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EYYC 2011 – Krisztian Kaluzsa Everybody!

Check out Krisztian’s amazing rapsack backpack arm through double wammy! 5th place in 1A! Amazing! So much fun to watch! We’re very proud of you Krisz! EYYC 2011 1A – 05 – Krisztian Kalusza from CzechYoyo on Vimeo.

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2011 EYYC Live Feed

You too can be at EYYC! Watch live video from czechyoyo2 on Plus more videos of the event here:

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Zdeněk is EYYC

… and of course our Czech star is going to be at EYYC this weekend. He’s already saying that his 4A routine makes him really happy. To me this the most important thing in yoyoing. Forget the pressure and the build up and nerves. Just be happy and have fun. Everything else will flow from

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Krisztian is Going to EYYC!

Me: Krisztian, do you have any news for EYYC? Anything you’ve prepped for or excited to do? Krisztian: I’m going there to have some fun. To eat some nice food and hang out with old friends. I’m also planing to film some tricks of others. I always do that so I can have some inspiration

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Jensen Kimmitt – Ghost

Everyone has been asking: “Is Jensen back on CLYW?” Jensen Kimmitt, is my friend. I am so proud of him and am so lucky to be able to call him my friend. No matter what I will always be there for him. That being said, Jensen will not be coming back to compete for Team

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Palli is on His Way to EYYC With His Friends

I was just chatting with Palli, everyone’s favourite yoyoer from Iceland, on AIM and he’s so excited to be going to Prague and EYYC. He mentioned that there is this great cola there that he can’t wait to drink again. Palli also said that he will be throwing his current favourite Canuck Twirler the Gnarwhal

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2 Minutes in Heaven …

… is better than 1 minute in Heaven. Adam made a new video wawawoooooie! His goal in mind was to push his limits to see what he can personally do and how far one throw will take him. ENJOY! 2 Minutes in Heaven with my CLYW Avalanche from Adam Brewster on Vimeo.

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Check out this amazing video by the JUSTyoing folks in Russia. Krisztian gets a really sweet part in it! Damn! Watch out EYYC! Word on the street (errr facebook) is that Krisztian has decided to compete … more about Team CLYW’s prep for EYYC coming soon …

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One Drop x CLYW – Video

Here’s a sweet video clip showing some of the great times we had at One Drop. More from me later … must get ready to go to WORK. o o

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