Happy Birthday Yogi!!

My best friends, Yogi, turned 2 years old today. Thank-you for putting up with me Yogi, while I go to work during the day and work on return-tops when I get home. You are a super dog! Thank you for learning ‘shake’ last week! Lets go for a walk!

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Get a CLYW throw a CLYW

Coming soon to t-shirts, stickers, hats … and my left bicep (jk lol). This new graphic was originally conceived by Boyd Seth and illustrated by, Paul Escolar. TURNED OUT AMAZING!! Thank-you Boyd and Paul!!

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CLYW Δ YoYoAddict

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do a couple special edition Avalanches for Hiroyuki Suzuki’s new store YoYoAddict out of Japan. Mickey was actually just in Vancouver, BC, Canada and sadly he returned back to Japan to a massive Earthquake and Tsunami. I’ve been following Mickey’s facebook page over the last couple days and don’t

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Jensen Kimmitt Everybody!

Thank you for representing the Lodge at Cal States Jensen. You’re a really great person and a great friend. Looking forward to your return home and our celebratory dinner!

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Bip Bop and the Matterhorn

Here’s a sneak peek at two of the new colourways that will be appearing on the Avalanche. Bip Bop left and the Matterhorn right These will be sold exclusively through our store. Preparing to drop these this weekend. Quantities are limited, $125ea. I’m definitely holding one of each of these back for myself. WOW!

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Music Thursday – Baby Eagle

Well my favourite band in the world the Constantines broke up. I’ve been ignoring that fact since August 2010. I was just hoping that they might do another tour or release a new album … but nadda. Nothing. So anyways … finally did look it up to see if it was indeed true and found

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