Bear vs Man – Gett’n Grizzly Again

It’s been a long time since we’ve done a run of Boyd’s signature return-top the Bear vs Man. It’s an old favourite and a throw that was way ahead of it’s time. Coming soon to YoYoExpert, YoYoZ and ThrowYoYo will be a special release of the BvM in 4 brand new colourways that Boyd picked

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Matterhorn –

Shipping shortly (within less than a week) to will be Blue, Green and Purple Matterhorn colourways of Krisztian Kaluzsa’s signature return-top, the Avalanche. These are going to be EXCLUSIVE to YoYoExpert. Chuck’s Bushmen edition of the Avalanche will be tagging along on this shipment too!

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Happy Birthday Yogi!!

My best friends, Yogi, turned 2 years old today. Thank-you for putting up with me Yogi, while I go to work during the day and work on return-tops when I get home. You are a super dog! Thank you for learning ‘shake’ last week! Lets go for a walk!

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Get a CLYW throw a CLYW

Coming soon to t-shirts, stickers, hats … and my left bicep (jk lol). This new graphic was originally conceived by Boyd Seth and illustrated by, Paul Escolar. TURNED OUT AMAZING!! Thank-you Boyd and Paul!!

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CLYW Δ YoYoAddict

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do a couple special edition Avalanches for Hiroyuki Suzuki’s new store YoYoAddict out of Japan. Mickey was actually just in Vancouver, BC, Canada and sadly he returned back to Japan to a massive Earthquake and Tsunami. I’ve been following Mickey’s facebook page over the last couple days and don’t

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Jensen Kimmitt Everybody!

Thank you for representing the Lodge at Cal States Jensen. You’re a really great person and a great friend. Looking forward to your return home and our celebratory dinner!

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