Black Bip Bop Avalanche

Dear Everyone! I Just got 4 of these Black Bip Bips done. I had a suggestion, “why don’t you do black instead of grey.” My response to that was, “hey why the heck not! Great idea!” Best Regards, Caribou Chris PS: If you notice closely you’ll see that there is in fact no rim groove

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No more hotdogs!

Abe is a man of many talents: playing banjo, yo-yoing, mustache aficionado, vaudevillian performer and physicist. So the awesomeness and radatude of this video should come as no surprise to you… No More Hot Dogs from Justin Foell on Vimeo.

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Alex Berenguel @ MoYo 2011

This past weekend Alex headed to St. Louis for MoYo 2011, and took home 2nd place. Great job Alex, and we can’t wait to see what you do this weekend at Minnesota States! Good luck! MOYO 2011- 1A- Alex Berenguel- 2nd from MOYO on Vimeo.

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Watch for CLYW Team member Zdeněk in this movie. Fun times in the Snow guys! I guess Petr got really sick so he couldn’t make it there … hope you’re feeling better now!

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Ernest @ AP 2011

Hailing from the motherland of yo-yoing, the Philippines, Ernest holds down the Lodge all over Asia. After his great freestyle at 44Clash in November, Ernest delivers another amazing one at AP!

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