Zdenek’s X Division 2nd Place at North Contest

Zdenek has been throwing down some imcreadibly 1A and offstring at contests across Europe. But, at the North Contest in Czech Republic, he threw some counterweight along with offstring Congrats on 2nd place! Stay tuned for is 1A freestyle…

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WCR Coming at You!

Just a couple more weeks until the Wester Canadian Regional Return-Top Championship … Check out this sweet footage of some of the local talent: Can’t WAIT!!!! See you there!!!!

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“Hoppy” Easter!

Just got this awesome video from our buddy Jacob. He hit 8 3D Eli Hops in a row! If you’re not familiar with 3D Eli Hops, they were first done by Boyd, and have remained a very elusive, hard to land trick.

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The Matterhorn & The Matterhorn

On the Italian border of the canton of Valais in the west of Switzerland, lies Zermatt, the village at the foot of the Matterhorn. Daf Biner and his son, Kris, made a special trip to Zermatt to take a couple photos of the Matterhorn Avalanche with the Matterhorn. AMAZING!!! Daf: “We had good fun. Got

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Black Bip Bop Avalanche

Dear Everyone! I Just got 4 of these Black Bip Bips done. I had a suggestion, “why don’t you do black instead of grey.” My response to that was, “hey why the heck not! Great idea!” Best Regards, Caribou Chris PS: If you notice closely you’ll see that there is in fact no rim groove

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No more hotdogs!

Abe is a man of many talents: playing banjo, yo-yoing, mustache aficionado, vaudevillian performer and physicist. So the awesomeness and radatude of this video should come as no surprise to you… No More Hot Dogs from Justin Foell on Vimeo.

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