The redbike Avalanches and Sasquatches are dropped off … should be up either Friday or Saturday … if you manage to grab one, why not get the matching hat?!

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2004 MWR – Alex Berenguel

The freestyle that got it all started for me: In August 2004 I was searching on the internet for some string and I stumbled across this video off of the old website. I was instantly hooked. I had never seen tricks done like this before. It blew my MIND! To this day this is

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2011 Canadian Nationals

Thank-you to everyone that made it out to the 2011 CNRTC. It was so nice to see so many new faces there. At one point during the day we completely packed the theater! A surprising amount of people came from BC this year, thanks to the work that Dennis Chui and the Vancouver YoYo Club

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Look Out!

This year I’ve only gone two contests, WCR and Canada Nats (probably going to be it for the year too), and one of my most favourite things about going to contests is meeting kids who just have the knack for yoyoing and ‘get it’ They’re just so enthusiastic and are like little sponges. I love

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The 2011 Canadian National Champion

CHARLES HAYCOCK EVERYBODY! One week after getting surgery in both of his hands and he still manages to get first in 1A and Open … Chuck you are AMAZING! We’re soooo proud of you! I had a big ‘DAD’ smile on all weekend. Thank-you Nick for filming this!

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