Assembly Time

Jensen helping out with assembly. Snow Tires make it so much easier! One of the 4 colourways we’re doing for the Canvas.

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Music Thursday – Kid Koala

All done via turntable … plus Kid Koala does his own animation as well. AMAZING! Also another goodie:

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John-Bot Signature Edition Sasquatch

John-Bot’s Signature Edition Sasquatch John-Bot actually sent in all his artwork for this waaaaaaaaaay before Abe did, so really this one should have came out first … but with the special laser engraving design he came up with, I wanted to take my time with this project and make sure we did it right. I

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Facebook and Twitter

Just a reminder that there are a couple other places to get info on what we’re getting up to … feel free to stop by! Share photos, videos … anything!

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Harrison Lee and the Barenaked Ladies

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Harrison Lee on stage with the Barenaked Ladies in Whistler, B.C. … it doesn’t doesn’t get any cooler than this! Congrats Harrison! You’re so awesome! I love how you weren’t even nervous. Here’s my favourite song (covered) by them. Steve if you sponsor him before

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Justin Weber @ Worlds

At Worlds this year CLYW had the special opportunity of supporting a good friend, Justin Weber. Justin has been a huge creative inspiration for members of the team, and to the sport in general. We are pleased to show you his 2011 Artistic Performance freestyle. Great work Justin, thanks!

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