About the Chief

“Insanely good. Really the best throw I’ve thrown ever.” – Palli “Everyone that I let use it is in love with it! it’s such a nice width and shape and when Abe mentioned that the cross section looks like antlers I almost flipped out.” – Elliot “Super stable & great full sized hand feel. I

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CLYW Zach for Heyday Footwear

Check out this amazing video that Seth Peterson of SAVE DETH made of Zach for his shoe sponsor Heyday Footwear. So professional … so amazing! I’m absolutely blown away. Congrats on the Shoe sponsor Zach! Future!

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CLYW Hat Hat Hat Hat

CLYW’s getting lots of love in Malaysia … expect to see some CLYW at in the future! Thanks for sharing the photo guys! So awesome! Mimi Thian, Zafran Aqil, Aiman Rohisham, and Muhammad Shakeel

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Amazing Story

I got one of the most amazing emails the other day. I feel so humbled right now … it is just so amazing that we can make such a difference in someone’s life. Thank-you Patrick for sharing your story. You are so courageous to be doing what you do for your country. Be safe! Hello,

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