CLYW Hat Hat Hat Hat

CLYW’s getting lots of love in Malaysia … expect to see some CLYW at in the future! Thanks for sharing the photo guys! So awesome! Mimi Thian, Zafran Aqil, Aiman Rohisham, and Muhammad Shakeel

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Amazing Story

I got one of the most amazing emails the other day. I feel so humbled right now … it is just so amazing that we can make such a difference in someone’s life. Thank-you Patrick for sharing your story. You are so courageous to be doing what you do for your country. Be safe! Hello,

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Painted Owls

Or laser engraver messed up on a few owls, so our loss is your gain. Check out these amazing hand painted owls by Jensen Kimmitt. There are 6 total. Owls on both sides. Dropping tomorrow at 5pm (MST) on

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Krisztian Kaluzsa – CYYN – 1A Open – 3rd

LOVE that European style Krisz! So many great tricks in there. Great freestyle! Thank you so much for going out to Prague and representing CLYW. I’m also really impressed with how well your store is doing, if anyone is wondering … Krisztian will be getting some of the new Chiefs soon check’em out!

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