Canadian and Alaskan CLYW

Check out this fun video of me and my lumberjack brother John Higby. This was shot in Massachusetts. It was pretty hard for me to leave. What a great time! Canadian and Alaskan CLYW from John Higby on Vimeo.

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Petr Kavka – Lights Out

One thing I really love about Petr’s STYLE is his string movement … having the backlight to accentuate the string and make it glow really shows it off more. Amazing. Like string dance. … and here’s the first one with both Tomas from Duncan and Petr.

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CLYW in Japan

Meet Shintaro Noda. He’s been a big CLYW fan ever since he got an Avalanche. Thanks for the support Shintaro! I really need visit Japan!

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About the Chief

“Insanely good. Really the best throw I’ve thrown ever.” – Palli “Everyone that I let use it is in love with it! it’s such a nice width and shape and when Abe mentioned that the cross section looks like antlers I almost flipped out.” – Elliot “Super stable & great full sized hand feel. I

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