Petr Kavka – Lights Out

One thing I really love about Petr’s STYLE is his string movement … having the backlight to accentuate the string and make it glow really shows it off more. Amazing. Like string dance. … and here’s the first one with both Tomas from Duncan and Petr.

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CLYW in Japan

Meet Shintaro Noda. He’s been a big CLYW fan ever since he got an Avalanche. Thanks for the support Shintaro! I really need visit Japan!

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About the Chief

“Insanely good. Really the best throw I’ve thrown ever.” – Palli “Everyone that I let use it is in love with it! it’s such a nice width and shape and when Abe mentioned that the cross section looks like antlers I almost flipped out.” – Elliot “Super stable & great full sized hand feel. I

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CLYW Zach for Heyday Footwear

Check out this amazing video that Seth Peterson of SAVE DETH made of Zach for his shoe sponsor Heyday Footwear. So professional … so amazing! I’m absolutely blown away. Congrats on the Shoe sponsor Zach! Future!

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