Congratulations to Petr Kavka and Krsiztian Kaluzsa on their steller performances at Russian Nats. Krisztian ended up getting 4th in 1A Open and Petr got 6th. There was sure some heavy competition there, so I’m super impressed with these guys. I am just blown away by the Russian scene. Yoyoing is so huge there, these

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Black Bip Bop Chiefs on eBay

Because of the overwhelming interest I’ve received on these Bip Bops, I’ve decided to put 4 of them up on eBay. All proceeds will be going directly into Team CLYW’s budget and will help pay for their trip to EYYC. eBay Link

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Ernest Kahn vs Louis Vuitton

Check out this amazing video of Ernest Kahn (in a great looking suit might I add) yoyoing for the president of Louis Vuitton: WHAT?!?!?!? Congrats Ernest! History books right there.

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Find the Puffin

Here is what you might find with your Gnarwhal, to receive your prize you’ll also need the code word and colourway to win. Remember this is only for the newest release of Gnarwhals headinng to

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