Zach Gormley x InnMovement

Check out Zach’s newest instalment of the InnMovement…and see his signature throw, the Arctic Circle, in action. Seriously how does Zach come up with this stuff!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

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New Slusny Shop!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the Slusny crew for opening their new shop! THIS IS SO AWESOME FOR YOYOING IN CZECH! Hope to see some photos of Petr and Zdeněk working the counter!

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Ernest Kahn’s MisChief

Ernest submitted an idea for his signature Chief to me. I was instantly sold. The colourway, name, and idea for the artwork were perfect! We approached Jason Week and this is what he came up with. Here is a write up Ernest prepared on his signature Chief: “The Idea of “MisChief” hit me while I

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Coming Soon: New Chiefs – Run #7

I think this is the most colourful release we’ve done to date. I just can’t believe how amazing these colourways turned out. Hope you like them as much as we do! I’m currently working on assembly, so these probably won’t be ready to go until next week. Ernest Kahn ‘MisChief’ Edition – 66g

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