Worlds 2012

Guess who just got a new shirt and booked a flight to worlds in Orlando? This guy!!

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Alec Campbell – BAC 2012

… and finally! Check out Alec’s prelim freestyle from BAC. Man that was sooo good!! Love your style Alec! Thanks Keiran Cooper for filming! Photo taken from BAC’s facebook page

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Zach Gormley – BAC 2012

Check out Zach’s freestyle from BAC. According to the scores Zach got top points for uniqueness in the performance evaluation. Doesn’t surprise me one bit! You’re amazing Zach! Huge congrats! Well done!

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BAC 2012

Zach Gormley – Photo by Alec Campbell Huge congrats to team CLYW at BAC! Really proud of everyone! Thank you so much Alec, Elliot, Zach and Chuck for going all the way out to SF to represent CLYW … and for keeping me in the loop during the daily events. Elliot Jackson placed 3rd in

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Petr Kavka – Balaenoptera Shopulus

Check out this NEW POV VIDEO From Petr Kavka … see what it’s like to be able to throw like Petr. Amazing as always! I think I might finally be able to learn one of your tricks now! Maybe!

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David Kreibich Everybody!

I’d like to introduce our newest team member, David Kreibich! Welcome to the Team David!!! I first met David at EYYC 2012, he really stood out from the rest when it came to new talent. I was really impressed with his fun yoyoing style and how kind he was. So much so that I gave

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the Arctic Circle – 1st Run

We are very excited to announce that the 1st run of Zach Gormley’s signature return top ‘the Arctic Circle’ will be ready very soon. Zach and I worked together on every detail of the design to create his dream throw. The Arctic Circle is a combination of the Chief’s double rims, the profile of the

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