Glacier Express Release

The Glacier Express is now available at YoYoExpert! To those that have already picked one up, thanks so much for the support! You won’t be disappointed! To celebrate this new release Alec Campbell and Harrison Lee both made NEW VIDEOS with their new favourite throw! Check’em out! You guys are AMAZING!

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We just revamped our store and gave it a new domain Please take a look around and join our mailing list

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Triple Crown of YoYo

Registration is now up for the Triple Crown of YoYo Contest in Chicago, Il. Hop to it! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, but Alex Berenguel will be there to represent the Lodge! If you show up you’ll have the chance to win a Glacier Express and/or Bear vs Man skateboard deck!!

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Little Bird – Elliot Jackson

A NEW VIDEO of Elliot Jackson just dropped. Filmed and edited by Charles Haycock. Check it out! Youtube Link SOOOOO SMOOTH! Nice work guys!! WOW!!!! Can’t wait to hang out with you at WORLDS!

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Pekka’s New Tattoo!

A couple weeks ago Pekka mentioned that he wanted to get Santa Cruz’s Screaming Hand tattooed on his arm, but instead of the scream he wanted it to be holding a Peak. Not any Peak though, he wanted it based off of the custom painted Pink Peak he got in 2006 when he first joined

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