NEW VIDEO – Resonance

Featuring Shinnosuke and his best friend Daiju. This is sooooo FUN and is what throwing is all about. Thanks so much Shinnosuke for sharing! Loved this video! WOW!

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Cabin Tutorials – Repeater

This week Charles shows you how to do a Justin Weber repeater … plus as a bonus he shows how Zach does it backwards to make it look like a totally new trick.

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Bear vs Man Round 2 – Specs

Fanart by Jason Week Okay here come the specs! Finally! Diameter: 56.5mm Width: 44.2mm Weight: 66.3g Bearing: Center Trac Response: Snow Tires Taste: Spicy These are the two colourways that will be available for the first run. Shipping soon!

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Cal States was such a blast!! It was so amazing to be able to spend so much time with the team and my friends that I only get to see a few times a year. It was also so great to make new friends and meet so many new people who are stoked on CLYW.

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The Summit Trailer

The last four days have been absolutely amazing!! There are a lot of good people in yoyoing and this project was definitely a testament to that. The Summit really was a true collaboration between the teams of both One Drop and CLYW … and it was so great to see how well we all worked

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ODxCLYW Collab – Day 4

Woke up this morning to final engraving artwork for the Summit. Jason Week did it again!!! Check it out!! Things left to do for the release at Cal States are: – Get the anodized Summits from Evan at Toxic Strings – Engrave the Summits with Jason’s artwork – Print stickers for the boxes – Assemble

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