The Yeti – Official Video

Featuring Charles Haycock and Chase Hadden! Music by Chase Hadden First release on August 9th at Worlds at the YoYoBESTBUY booth and online at YoYoExpert at midnight!

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CRW VID TWO – Boyd Seth

Boyd Seth has so many crazy tricks! It is so amazing to see him in action. Check out this super fun silly vid he did with Tyler and Harold. Enjoy!

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2013 WCR – Harrison Lee

Huge congrats to Harrison on getting 2nd place at WCR in Vancouver over the weekend! Can definitely tell he worked hard on this freestyle for this contest. So so so impressed! Had such a blast!

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Petr Kavka – 1st Place

Huge congrats to Petr Kavka for winning the South Moravia Yoyo Contest. This is the 2nd largest contest in the Czech Republic next to Czech Nats. Having to take a break to recover from a collar bone injury hasn’t slowed him down one bit. So proud of you Petr!

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