New Bear vs Man 2 Run!

Check out the next run of the Bear vs Man 2 that will be shipping to stores soon! Top row: Grey with Purple Splash, Zip Zop, Blue with Clear Speckles Bottom Row: Electric Bacon, Purple with Clear Speckles, Camp Caribou These two will be an exclusive CLYW Store release … Grey Bip Bop and Gold

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NEW 5 Panels Coming Soon

Top Row: Cosby Sweater (Pattern by Tressley Cahill) Palm Trees Bottom Row: Black Bip Bop (Pattern by Jason Week) Grey Bip Bop (Pattern by Jason Week) We changed the fit on these from our last run to make the fit slightly bigger and to make the crown a little taller. Adjustable nylon back strap, one

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The Yeti – Official Video

Featuring Charles Haycock and Chase Hadden! Music by Chase Hadden First release on August 9th at Worlds at the YoYoBESTBUY booth and online at YoYoExpert at midnight!

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