2013 CLYW Video Contest


Guidelines: Film a video of yourself throwing your favourite combo, trick, or whatever you think is awesome! … BUT do it by including a CLYW – Caribou Lodge theme.  Some loose examples are …

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CLYW Update

Hello all,

Over the next month we’re going to be making some changes with how we are selling our return tops.  Currently we offer most of our throws to a select group of stores that are listed on our stocklist.  These stores have been instrumental with growing CLYW around the world.  For that I am truly thankful!! 

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44 FESTA – Vol 03 – Ayumu Harada

Volume 3 of 44 FESTA just went down in Japan over the weekend.  It’s just a fun gathering of people who love to throw.  Ayumu Harada of Team CLYW was in attendance.  Check out his stellar performance!  Lots of great new stuff in there!

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Arctic Circle – the 2nd Expedition

Here’s a look at the artwork for the new version of Zach Gormley’s signature throw: Arctic Circle – the 2nd Expedition. It’s a vintage stamp, which will include a red lodge cancelation stamp. Artwork by the amazing Jason Week.

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Thanks Chris!

WE LOVE YOU Caribou Chris!!! Team Caribou made this video for you since you’re the best and you’ve done so much for each one of us. Thanks for the support! Yoyoing wouldn’t be the same without you.

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The Jasper Five

After Canadian Nationals we decided to go on an adventure to the Rocky Mountains and see what we could get up to.

Filmed and Edited by: Charles Haycock

Featuring: Charles Haycock, Ann Connolly, Kristin Olinyk, Alex Smith and ME! 

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