Bonfires and Camp Caps

Today was a big day!  We got in our first run of the Bonfire from our anodizer … and WOW did they do a great job!  They absolutely nailed our colourways. We did a lot of your favourites and I can’t wait to show the full run.  Here’s a sneak peek of two of ours.

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Thank you One Drop!

The One Drop Team: Shawn Nelson, David Metz, Paul Dang and Andrew Daugherty

I’d like to send out a huge thanks to the guys at One Drop for everything that they do for us. These guys work so hard and do so much for us and this community, and without them I probably would have been …

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CLYW Pricelist

As promised here is our pricelist for the release tomorrow:

Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition – $135 to $145
Gnarwhal 2 – $115 to $135
Black Bip Bops – $190
Coloured Yetis – $55 (comes with an extra set of replacement spacers)
String – $7.50 per 10 Pack
Replacement Spacers – $5.00/set
T-Shirts – $19
5 Panels & Bucket Hats – $35
Toques – $22


* All prices in CAD
** All orders include a free sticker set (Yeti, Yogi, etc …)
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NEW Custom CLYW String

On Friday Nov 22nd, we will also be releasing ‘Slackline‘, our brand new line of custom CLYW strings made right here in Canada. We wanted to develop a unique high end variety of string that incorporates all of the characteristics we value and love.

There will be three different …

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Gnarwhal 2 Specs

Diameter: 53.2 mm / 2.095 in
Width: 43.4 mm / 1.705 in
Gap: 4.16 mm / 0.164 in
Weight:  65.4 g
Bearing: 10 Ball CTX, comes stock shieldless and lubed
Response: Snow Tires

Tones of rim weight, you’d be surprised that it is a 65.4g throw.  So stable, long spinning … perfect for learning tricks and lighting up a stage!
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the Yeti Production Release

Nov 22nd at 7pm at

We are going to try our best to get as many assembled as we can for Friday. At least 100-200 of each. 

Colourways are: Purple, Khaki, Light Grey and Blue

*These will have the same tight bearing spacers, but we will be including one additional free set with each Yeti.

*Prices and quantities are TBA

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2014 Release – Part 1

On Friday Nov 22nd, we’ll be releasing Part 1 of our 2014 lineup.  We’ll have Gnarwhal 2’s, Arctic Circle: 2nd Expeditions, Coloured Yetis, NEW custom CLYW brand string and plenty of CLYW apparel that we’ve been sitting on for way too long.  The release will be at 7pm (mountain time).  Part 2 will be the Puffin 2 and Bonfire, which will happen early December.

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PA States

Today was the Pennsylvania State YoYo Contest in Erie.  In attendance from CLYW was Andrew Maider!  He was worried about his prelims, because he had to do a switch out, but he still made finals.  Andrew ended up going clean this time with his finals routing, taking home 1st in 1A and 3rd in 5A!  Huge congrats Andrew!  Can’t wait for the footy. Thanks for going out to support the lodge Andrew!

CLYW was a proud sponsor of this event as well! Happy to see the this contest go down and to see the scene grow in PA.

Photo by: Andrew Maider

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