Harrison Lee and the Barenaked Ladies

Last Friday Harrison Lee was invited to join the Barenaked Ladies on stage for their concert in Vancouver, BC. Three years ago Harrison had the opportunity to perform on stage with the Barenaked Ladies and since it was such a big hit with the crowd they asked him to join them again! The adventures Harrison has experienced over the last few years have been incredible, all thanks to his hobby.

An interesting fact about the Barenaked Ladies is that Ed Robertson, the lead singer, was the president of his high school’s yo-yo club!

Congrats Harrison! You never seize to amaze me!

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VA States 2014

This last weekend was VA states and representing the lodge was Michael Kurti and Mark Mangarin.  Michael Kurti ended up coming home with 3rd place and Mark 5th. These two fellows dropped two of the most impressive performances of the day and for that we’re super proud of them.

Check out Michael Kurti’s freestyle! Bust’in out a fresh lineup of tricks for the new year! Stay tuned for Mark’s FS, hope to have footage soon!

Update! We have Mark’s FS now! Check it out! Super SILKY!

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New 3 Year Video: EVOLVE

No longer a first evolution Pokemon.

Thanks to Keiran (filming and editing) and Coleman (colour grading) and of course Chris for all the constant support!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2014 here we come.


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Surprise Yeti Preorder

As an early Christmas Present to all of our fans I just put up a small amount of Yetis for preorder. We’ll start shipping these out on January 15th. We’ll also throw in a Gnarwhal 2 randomly into one of the preorders!

I’m going on vacation now! For real this time! CLYW will be back up and running on January 6th.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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2013 CLYW Video Contest – Results!

First off I wanted to thank everyone for putting the time into creating such wonderful works of art! We were blown away by all of the amazing videos that came in for Round 1, and the top 10 did not disappoint for Round 2. Our favourite video was CMAK’s, it had everything we were looking for and more. It had a great story and was visually stunning. WOW!  

CMAK is the winner of the full 2014 Collection, we’ll be shipping him an Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition, Gnarwhal 2, Bonfire and Puffin 2. Once we get back from holidays we’ll start shipping everything out to our contestants.

If you haven’t seen CMAK’s video yet YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS! CONGRATS CMAK! 

We also have a few honourable mentions:

For Most Inspiring, we have …

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Happy Holidays!

We will be taking a much needed break starting today Dec 19th through to Jan 5th. All orders placed between this time will be shipped as soon as we get back.

Thank you for all of the support in 2013 and see you next year!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Chris & Charles

PS: Contest results will be posted by the end of this weekend.

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