Daahoud – Tsukasa Takatsu

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome!

One Drop’s Tsukasa dropped some straight gnarly tricks. First new front style ideas I’ve seen in years! And it’s amazing!


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WOW! What a weekend!

I’ll start with PNWR, because that’s where I was at. 

Six years ago at that same venue was my very first contest, and every one since has been equally as superb. I’m tremendously proud of the team for busting out some crazy freestyles and being the nicest, coolest duders on the planet. There’s really nothing more to say (except that I should have practiced harder to keep up with these guys) because I think that the freestyles speak for themselves. I’ll have a different angle up later, but thanks to kingyostar for uploading these videos so quickly.

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EYYC Day 1 & 2 Update

Day 1 and 2 have already come and gone for EYYC in Budapest, Hungary. Team CLYW has done crazy well so far. On Day 1 Palli ended up taking 1st in 1A Prelims with a super clean banger infused freestyle and Petr Kavka ended up getting 2nd in 5A Prelims with a really clean flowy freestyle. Since Petr is the current Czech 1A National Champ, he gets a free ticket straight to finals. Plus on Day 2, Palli ended up getting 4th in 3A Finals!

Nuu had a really nice elegant freestyle, amazing to see how far she’s come.

David just missed finals by one spot in 1A prelims, and I’ve yet to find his video down.

Here’s a list of videos I’ve tracked down so far. If you see any more pop up please leave the links in the comments.

Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t wait for Day 3! For more coverage of the event, check out

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PNWR and EYYC this weekend!

There’s a Double Feature this weekend!

Attending PNWR will be: myself (Chuck), Jensen, Zach, Michael, and Harrison!


Attending EYYC will be: Palli, Petr, Nuu, David and Pekka!

To get hyped up check out some of last year’s videos!

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Update on CLYW Changes

 Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder, some people might have been confused with the post on YoYoNews … I am not quitting I am just going back to work full-time and will have people helping me out with running the day to day stuff …

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Petr Kavka just released this video, which commemorates 3 years on CLYW. This video really showcases Petr’s talent and consistency on the contest circuit. Thank you so so so much Petr for dedicating this to me! You’re amazing! I don’t know what we’d do without you on our team!

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Laboratory 4 videos

Why have I never seen these guys before!!!!?? 

SOOO Innovative! all the tricks are just really incredible I had to share.

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Hey Everyone!

I have some pretty important news about some upcoming changes that I need to share with all of you.

In 1.5 weeks I will be returning back to work and will no longer be focusing on CLYW full-time. With this change I will only be

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