CLYW’s newest team member – Aaron Davis!

We are so excited to share this news with you all!

Aaron has been on our radar for a while now, constantly putting out fresh material while progressing at an incredible rate.

He’s the nicest guy that has already given so much to the community. We are very proud to have him join the Caribou Lodge family.

Click on the picture to check out his team profile page!

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Arctic Circle 2 USA release

The date is set for Saturday March 22nd, 10 PM EST.

They are currently on route to:

– YoYoExpert
– YoYoBestBuy
– YoYoStoreRewind
– SpinGear
– YoYoAddict
– YoYoZ
– YoYoRaven


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CLYW CTX Bearings

Howdy folks, I just wanted to address something about our bearings and apologize to all of you. With the latest switch back to wholesale again, we neglected to inform our stores that the CTX bearings that we spec in our throws start out a little bit responsive. We originally had this listed in the product description for all of our return tops when we were selling direct, but with the change over we forgot to include this information to our retailers. 

We made the switch to CTX bearings in June of last year …

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