Basecamp Road Trip

Alec Campbell brought a vintage VHS camera with him on the Basecamp road trip from Seattle to Cleveland for the 2016 World YoYo Contest, to capture a little of that lo-fi goodness. It turned out pretty fun! Featuring David Ung, Chris Mikulin, Petr Kavka, Alec Campbell, and Aaron Davis.

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Cabin Tutorial – Pacquiao’s Punch Combo

The deeper we dig, the more Cabin Tutorials we find! Here’s another one from Awesome McAwesomeface himself, Mr. Andrew Maider! Return top used is the Orca. (Because this was filmed before the Blizzard even came out, holy moly, we need to get caught up lol)

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CLYW @ 2016 World YoYo Contest

WOW! This year was CLYW’s biggest World YoYo Contest yet! We launched the Compass, launched our titanium collaboration with Luftverk, released another big batch of the new Yeti, launched our BASECAMP collaboration with our friends at YoYoFactory, had two road trips to the contest simultaneously, and had a ton of our team on stage! We’ve

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No, You Can’t Date My Sister

Seems like we’re about due for another Cabin Tutorial, eh? Well we better post a Tessa Piccillo one considering she came in 2nd in the Women’s Division at the 2016 World YoYo Contest! This is a tough one, but I’m sure you can figure it out if you watch closely. Also, stay away from Tessa’s sister.

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Basecamp Backyard Moonshine

The Basecamp Moonshine is a performance pocket yo-yo, fondly referred to as the “dirty street kid yo-yo” by Basecamp West. The yo-yo comes with a half spec and full spec bearing for responsive and unresponsive play. The content in this video is highly inspired by the work of Team Chubby Lovin’. Filmed and Edited by

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MWR Kids

Ethan Stromquist, Shakeem Anderson, Nehamiah Peterson, and Adrian Velez. These kids got it!

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