BAC 2012

Zach Gormley – Photo by Alec Campbell

Huge congrats to team CLYW at BAC! Really proud of everyone! Thank you so much Alec, Elliot, Zach and Chuck for going all the way out to SF to represent CLYW … and for keeping me in the loop during the daily events.

Elliot Jackson placed 3rd in 5A! HUGE Congrats!!! In 1A Finals Zach ended up 13th and Chuck 14th. BOTH of these guys had the highest rareness and style points out of everyone so that is saying a lot! Alec came just short of making finals, but man there was some tough competition. Hopefully someone got your FS recorded.

Hope you guys had a blast hanging out with all of your friends! So happy for you guys!

PS: BAC 2012 marks Zach’s 3 year anniversary for being on Team CLYW. Thanks so much for everything you do Zach! You are AMAZING!

Alec Campbell

Charles Haycock – Photo by YoYoSkills

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