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November 17th – December 1st, CLYW, Harrison Lee, and Spinkult are throwing an online trick contest for tricks that you do naturally without thinking, tricks that you do on HOTTERPILOT. With a focus on flow, the winner gets a glossy pink Spinkult edition Otter, right before the final drop. Here’s how to enter: “Here’s my

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A quiet place in Osaka

It’s 11:55 PM in Osaka, Japan and it’s quiet. I’m here for the 2023 World YoYo Contest. It’s my first contest since PNWR 2020 and it’s both better and worse than I hoped. Or maybe the contest is better and I’m worse. I think that’s more accurate. When I first started attending contests way back

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Fireside Chat

The other night we had a Fireside Chat in the CLYW Discord server and it was truly great to catch up with people, update them on what we’re working on, and just talk about yoyoing. The two most interesting questions that came up were some that I wasn’t expecting, but answering them felt really good.

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Introducing: The Beater

Some things are worth the wait. The Beater is the first CLYW signature model for U.S. National YoYo Master Steve Brown, and the first organic we’ve produced with our double-rim design. Manufactured with 7075 aluminum for extra durability, the Beater was designed to be fat, smooth, and fun and hold up to the kind of

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Sasquatch 2022

There are few things I love more in this world than really big return tops. It’s kinda wild that I never got into 4A because the equipment is just my size! It’s no secret that I love big return tops, and it’s also no secret that I’ve had wrist problems for years now. Tendinitis reared

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Boxing Day Sale

  This year for Boxing Day we thought we’d drop a couple of fun items….the very last of the incredibly limited Basecamp Akita (less than 10 left!), and a batch of Fool’s Gold Wildfires at a sweet price. We hope everyone’s holidays are happy and safe, and if you want to pick up one of

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