Arts + Crafts vs Show & Tell

Hey guys!

We were brainstorming for an idea for a video contest and I think we came up with something pretty keen. We’re big fans of innovative tricks, but we’re also big fans of knowing what makes a trick special to the person doing it … SO, we want you to tell us two things:

What’s your favorite trick? and Why?

It can be a combo, or just a simple trick – but it’s gotta be your favorite. Do you like it because of how well it flows? How fast it is? How weird and ugly it is? It doesn’t matter! Just tell us about it and you could win a CLYW return top! (aka spinning moose nugget)

Each entry should include a brief write up of why the trick is your favorite, and then throw in a video so we know what you’re talking about!

We will have two separate categories for everyone to participate in:

1. Arts + Crafts
2. Show & Tell

1. Arts + Crafts will be the category where you show us your favorite trick that YOU have made up.

2. Show & Tell will be the category where you show us your favorite trick that someone else made up.

Each category will have a winner of a brand new Gnarwhal RETURN TOP!

You’ll have until June 8th to get your entries in – and we’ll be posting some of our favorites along the way – so get to it!

Please send all entries to clyw (dot) inc (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject: Arts + Crafts or Show & Tell depending on which category you’d like to enter.

Rules: one entry per category & yes you may enter both categories if you’d like.

– Adam Brewster and Chris Mikulin

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